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Trying to piece together sides for Saturday and Sunday this week looked impossible: by Wednesday we had only three names for Saturday, and it was agreed that without further contacts by 7 p.m. we would have to call off the Benenden game – with the added complication that this would have been the third year running, and that this was our last chance. As fate would have it, the Fixtures Secretary was on the road at 7 p.m., and thus had not made the call when Paul Hope rang to say an Egerton match had been cancelled, and he had an entire team of players with no game.

Thus it was that a combined team took the field today. Losing the toss, Little Chart was put in to bat. An inauspicious start saw the opening batsman run out in the first over, but the batting settled with a notorious blocker at one end, and Josh at the other. After a slow start, the runs started to accumulate, and when Craig Taylor came to the crease, serious scoring started. By the end, Little Chart saw three half centuries scored in a total of 233 for 6.

Josh Sherrin starred in both innings – 42 off the bat and 3 for 26 from his bowling, as well as two catches, the last of which saw the end to stubborn resistance by Jeremy Burke, who was the day’s highest scorer at 75. Close until the very end, the final catch came in the last over, with Benenden all out for 209.

440 runs in an afternoon, a game played in excellent spirit, and an excellent tea – what a day! Off to the pub…

Buy modafinil next day delivery - Buy modafinil adelaide