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    Records show that the Club was formed well before the Second World War, playing on at least four grounds within the Parish, ending up at the Forstal in the 1960s. The Club had been wound up at the outbreak of war but was revived by H E Bates, a keen cricketer, in 1947. However, the quality of pitches on which the Club then played was poor and soon enthusiasm waned and the Club disbanded. Before the 1960s Little Chart Forstal was a rough piece of land which was refurbished for cricket by Stanhays, an Ashford agricultural engineering company which had played cricket there until the mid 60s. According to Parish Council records Little Chart Cricket Club was formally reformed in 1960. H E Bates was again the force behind the Club. The Club’s ground though relatively small is in a delightful rural setting and was used for the cricket match episode in the Darling Buds of May with Little Chart players as extras. The Club plays cricket on Saturdays, Sundays and occassionally mid week. We are in the third division of the Kent Village League.
  • A brief history of the club

    Records show that the Club was formed well before the Second World War playing on at least four grounds within the Parish ending up at the Forstal in the 1960s. Most of the players came from Little Chart paper mill though several came from neighbouring villages as they still do. Before the 1960s Little Chart Forstal (meaning “stall for holding cattle”) was a rough piece of land consisting of reeds, long grass, bomb craters and scrap iron. The only mowing was done by a herd of goats!

    A leading light in the Club was H E Bates who played for the village before the war. He restarted the Club after the war and at the first dinner in 1948 invited Godfrey Evans the famous England wicket-keeper to present the batting and bowling prizes to Den Gore and Reg Smith. The wicket in Surrenden Park was not brilliant and soon enthusiasm waned and the Club disbanded. The present ground was refurbished for cricket by an Ashford agricultural engineering company called Stanhays which ceased playing there in the mid sixties. According to Parish Council records Little Chart Cricket Club was formally reformed in 1969. H E Bates was again the force behind the club until 1972 when Jeff Thomas came to live on the Forstal. He was a newsreader on Southern Television. A keen cricketer, he ran two teams and a colts team.

    The old pavilion only had one room. No water, no electricity and no flushing loos but a new second-hand pavilion was obtained in 1982, dismantled and rebuilt entirely by Club members, including Dave Burchett, the Lillicrap family, Dave Harding and others. Refreshments and encouragement were provided by the then President, Charles Gunther. The new pavilion was opened in 1983 with a celebratory cricket match against a young Kent Second Eleven.

    The “Darling Buds of May” cricket match was filmed on the ground using Little Chart players as extras.

    Charles Gunther continued a long association with the Club by becoming the President in 1980. Many people have played for the village, too many to mention but in the eighties Trevor Jones, Stuart Lillicrap and Jim Brooks were the mainstay of the bowlers. The opening partnership of Trevor Brown and Graham Maltby seemed to occupy the crease all Saturday afternoon! Later Gerry Jeans joined the Club as an all-rounder and Tom Lawrence teamed up with Martin Crowhurst to form a formidable opening partnership.

    The Club joined the Kent Village League and is currently in the Third Division.

    Cricket tours to East Anglia started 1986 but more recently the tours have been based in Sudbury, Suffolk playing, when the hangovers allow, three matches against local villages.

  • Club philosophy

    The Club is committed to competing in the Kent Village League to the highest level we can. However, at the same time, we welcome players of all levels young and old who want to play cricket.
  • Club rules

    To download a copy of the Club rules buy modafinil singapore

  • Safeguarding Young People

    To download a copy of the Club’s Safeguarding policy please click buy modafinil paypal