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Saturday started cloudy and damp, just for once the forecast being spot on. However, the weather rapidly improved, and the team duly arrived for a 1 o’clock start. Batting first, Little Chart seemed to make steady progress, with opener “H” eventually falling only four short of his fifty. Unfortunately the other end was not so productive, and after a woeful run out, there followed a middle order and tail end collapse of awesome proportions. Phil R starred by producing his fourth consecutive duck, and E.X. Tras was the second highest scorer. 82 the final score.

You might think that this would lead to a boring whitewash, but in fact tight bowling kept the game alive right to the end. At least five dropped catches kept Bilsington in the game, and Danny’s unbeaten score of 45 proved a winner. It was just about warm enough to sit outside at the Swan!

Modafinil nootropic buy, Buy modafinil sydney