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Little Chart welcomed old friends Borden to the Forstall again today. Borden produced a youthful team, with a leavening of more senior players, and, winning the toss, put us in to bat. The openers having done their job, Will Stevens went on past 50 to top 70, while his father misunderstood the call to declare, and went on to top 50 off the last ball of the innings. Quietly edging his way to a superb day, Dave Edwards scored 28.

Borden’s turn to bat saw them get off to a steady start, and until the Little Chart skipper of the day brought himself on to bowl, and took a wicket with the first and 4th balls of his first over. The second of these was a catch by Dave Edwards, who also went on to take 5 wickets with his bowling. The final over bowled by Tom Edwards saw Borden 91 runs short – and so to the Swan, which was full and thriving. Good to see!

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