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Another lovely late summer day this Saturday, and despite a few drops of rain in the week the pitch was dry. Little Chart won the toss and elected to bat first, though probably wondered about the decision after the first few overs. At 19 for 3 off 11 overs, it looked pretty dire, but Dr Stonewall stemmed the rot, to be joined by Adam Stuttle; a partnership of 80 ensued, though one could be forgiven for thinking one partner was sleeping! More lusty blows by big Dave et al brought Chart’s total up to 160, which proved too much for Elham. Tight bowling by the skipper, ably assisted by Matt Hall, Adam Stuttle and big D saw the match come to a close with Elham on 103.

A few beers later, all agreed it was a superb day, and what a shame the season is drawing to a close!

Buy modafinil singapore, Buy modafinil liverpool