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First match

Little Chart: 81 for 3 (D. Davis 25 no) 12 overs

Stowting: 85 for 0 (D. Bland 26 no, C. Harding 30 no) 6.4 overs


Third game

The earlier match saw Ashford playing bottom placed Little Chart. With the town side scoring a useful 103 for 4 with J. Rodway 21 and the experienced N. Tegg continuing in good form with 28 no scoring the bulk of the runs. The villagers set about the chase in a steady fashion scoring just 36 off the first 6 overs, but crucially without losing any wickets. As the chase progressed it gathered momentum, with both P. Hope (28 no) and D. Davis (25 no) retiring, M. Eccles took up the chase scoring 23 no. With 16 required off the final over Little Chart secured their first victory in the competition with 2 balls to spare.

Ashford 103 for 4 (J. Rodway 21, N. Tegg 28no)12 overs

Little Chart 105 for 3 (P.Hope 28no, D. Davis 25no, M. Eccles 23no) 11.5 overs

Where can i buy modafinil canada - Buy modafinil uk next day delivery