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Dear Members

You will remember that this year we sadly had to cancel the Club Tour for a number of reasons.

The Club (and the proprietors of the several ale houses in the Region) are very keen that this should not happen again in 2013, and we are therefore giving you all plenty of advance notice that we plan to tour Essex and Suffolk on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June 2013.

Please will you put these dates in your diaries if you wish to join us?

In the unlikely event that some of you have such active social lives that you are already committed on those dates, you will be sorely missed, of course. If not, please make a special effort to keep them free.

I shall start to draw up a list of Tourists now, so please let me know any time if you’re intending to join our happy band.

I shall notify you of the other important dates shortly.

your servant, as always


Buy provigil in india, Buy modafinil perth