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Where to buy modafinil online reddit - Buy modafinil online with prescription

Dear Members

I am very happy to announce that our esteemed Fixtures Secretary, Dr Pinnock has successfully cajoled three village teams to accommodate us on Tour. The matches therefore are:

  • 20/20 on the evening of Friday June 21st at Edwardstone,
  • Saturday 22nd Wickham St Paul’s
  • Sunday 23rd Twinstead


I currently have a list of potential Tourists as follows:


  • Tony Rawlins
  • Matthew Rawlins
  • Joe Rawlins
  • Alexander Rawlins
  • Trevor Richards (yes, a player,  really!)
  • Nick Richards
  • Mike Willetts
  • Martin Crowhurst
  • Joe Paget (nee Fagg)
  • Peter Irvin (possibly 2?)
  • Tom Lawrence
  • Roger Pinnock



  • Peter Willetts
  • Terry Lister

The more numerate amongst you will have calculated that this list represents at least one full team of players. However, we need more  to join us. We can’t expect some of the geriatrics to play 3 matches, after all. Please get in touch with me (Eccles, Rivolta,Stuttle,Baggsy, Brandreth

Burke’s, Hunters, Littlewood Tribes – you know you want to come!) so i can add you to the list and arrange for the appropriate accommodation.



Where to buy modafinil online reddit - Buy modafinil online with prescription