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Dear Members,

It has been some time since I circulated the last Newsletter, for which I apologise. My only excuse is that I’m trying to earn a crust in these impecunious times and this has prevented me from devoting as much time as I should to Club matters.

“Bad prioritisation!” I hear you say.

But better late than never, here is a short update. The Pavilion work is proceeding apace thanks to the excellent work of Chris Eccles and his Team. The outer structure is complete, the electrician has installed the necessary wiring, and we are about to greet the plumber who will be installing the showers, sinks and loo equipment shortly.

Now to a key issue. We will shortly be needing all you DIY enthusiasts to  help us paint the building. We are planning a Club Paint-In on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May. Please come along with a brush or two. The paint will, of course be provided. Let’s not leave it to the 3 or 4 stalwarts who usually help with the Ground preparation. It’s time for other Members to put in the effort, too.

Other dates for the diary:

June 22nd – 24th TOUR

Please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to be a Tourist this year. We have new opponents for the Friday evening game, Wickham St. Paul, whose ground is, I am reliably informed, reasonably close to the Bell at Castle Hedingham, so fans of the Mighty Oak will not have to suffer any withdrawal symptoms.

We will again be staying at the Mill at Sudbury, where the double/twin rooms are £170 for the two nights, including breakfast ( for the mathematically-challenged, that’s £42.50 per night each). There is likely to be a shortage of twin bedded rooms this year so close family members and very good friends might like to volunteer to share a double. Either way early booking is recommended.

July 21st

Arguably the most important date of the year. We will be staging the Annual Charles Gunther Match and a party in the evening to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Pavilion. Please make sure this goes in your diary now.

That’s all for the moment, except to say congratulations to Tom Irvine and Matt Rawlins on becoming fathers, and Peter Irvine and myself, grandfathers (how youthful good looks can belie one’s years!)

Let’s also wish Martin Crowhurst a speedy and complete recovery from illness. We look forward to seeing his teapot stance at the ground very soon.

Lastly, I confess that we haven’t yet completed the Club Website. Like the Pavilion, it’s still Under Construction. However it is sufficiently advanced to contain the Fixture List. All you have to do is go to buy modafinil uk paypal  and click on “Fixture List”.

Here’s to some sunny days, a dry pitch and a successful season.