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We are a friendly Club and welcome players of all levels, young and old who want to play cricket. We are also comitted to competing in the Kent Village League to the highest level we can.


Membership benefits: By becoming a member of the Club you will benefit from the following:

  • Access to our beautiful ground
  • Use of our newly renovated and extended Club house, which provides changing, shower and catering facilities
  • Net training during the winter months (small fee may apply)
  • Training evenings during the summer

How to become a member: Please complete a membership form and send it to any Committee Member!

Download membership form by clicking: buy modafinil singapore

Membership costs – payable to the Club Treasurer, preferably by Standing Order

  • Annual subscription £60
  • Annual subscription discount if paid before 1 st May: £10
  • Reduced rate for those up to the age of 18 and students: £24
  • Student discount if paid on or before 1st May: £4

Match fees – payable to Team Captain on the day

  • Full price: £5 per match
  • Those aged up to 18 and students: £3 per matcH

Getting a game: Members are asked to inform their Captain of their availability for matches – as far in advance as they can. Team Captain will contact players to confirm. Players may occasionally be asked to provide teas (for which they will of course be re-imbursed)