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Friday evening saw 23 members and members of their family gathered together to celebrate the successes of the 2017 season. Terry Lister gave a stirring speech praising the coalescence of team spirit, cooperation and skill which made the season so successful, and went on to present the trophies for the year.

Player of the year went to Thom Williams for his cricketing skill and encouragement of other players, noting that he won the bowling award for the best performance in the league. Batsman and bowler of the year went to Craig Taylor; most improved player to big Dave Edwards; fielder to Steve “Rocky” Rock and Young Player of the year to Harrison Pack.

Champagne moment went to Adam Stuttle: despite having been brought up on the Essex/Suffolk border, he managed to get lost there while on tour!

An very popular presentation was to Tom Lawrence – as Clubman of the Year, but also a special Little Chart cap celebrating 60 years of playing league cricket.


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