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Sunday turned out to be one of the best days of the summer – in more ways than one. The weather was wonderful and a great day was had by all. The match was quite close thanks to some stalwart batting performances on both sides. Little Chart A won, so the Floreat Forstal Trophy was presented to Craig for safe keeping at the pavilion for another year. Very special thanks to:

Tom and Gerald for preparing the ground, which looked spectacular and the pitch, which was the best of the season.

Craig for all his hard work organising the teams. There was a glitch this year as many of the ‘Westwell’ players weren’t available at short notice. Well done for ensuring two teams that allowed a splendid game.

All the players who gave us some of the best performances of the season – despite some sledging from one member of Little Chart B….

Our umpires whose sporting management of the laws of the game allowed all players to bowl without too much embarrassment.

Our Vice Presidents who turned out to support the club.

Everyone who helped tidy up afterwards. The pavilion still needs to be sorted out. I’ll do this later in the week so it will be ready for the weekend fixture. I’m resting my pulled hamstring on Monday as I have an important game on Tuesday.

Rose and Heather who provided a wonderful tea. Sunday was our sapphire wedding anniversary, so I am so grateful that Heather not only allowed me to play, but gave up her own day too.

I am very proud to be part of Little Chart Cricket Club and am delighted to say that it looks like we have gained some new players for next year.

Terry Lister


Buy modafinil online uk reddit, Order provigil from canada