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Please find below a table detailing our results for the 2017 and 2018 season. We also provide write ups of our games below and on our news page.
For information on the Kent Village League fixtures and resultsbuy modafinil singapore

Date Opposition League/friendly Home/away Results
22 April 2018 Elham Valley Friendly Away Lost by 98 runs. Less than last 2 years!
5 May 2018 Smarden Friendly Away Lost by 113
13 May 2018 Eastling Friendly Home Won by 5 wickets
9 June 2018 Egerton Friendly Home Won by 131
16 June 2018 Bexley Friendly Home Won by 34 runs
25 June 2018 Ajax Friendly International Home Lost by 14 runs
30 June 2018 Selling Cavaliers Friendly Home Lost by 112 runs
7 July 2018 Sandhurst Friendly Home Lost
14 July 2018 Whitstable Labour Club Friendly Home Lost by 155
28 July 2018 Twinstead Tour match Away Won by 2
12 August 2018 Hythe Green League Home Under investigation
18 August 2018 Bethersden Friendly Home Won by 41
1 September 2018 Elham Friendly Home Win by 57 runs
30 April 2017 Egerton Friendly Home Lost by 8 runs
23 April 2017 Elham Valley Friendly Away Lost by a lot
6 May 2017 Smarden Friendly Away Won by 4 wickets
13 May 2017 Detling Emergency fixture friendly Home Lost by 10 wickets
14 May 2017 Eastling Friendly Home Won by 71 runs
20 May 2017 Bethersden Friendly Away Cancelled by LCCC
21 May 2017 Exiles Stelling Minnis League Match Away Won by 5 wickets – 6 pts
28 May 2017 Great Chart League Match Home Default – Great Chart withdrawn from League
3 June 2017 Bredgar Friendly Home Lost
4 June 2017 Boughton under Blean League Home Lost – 1 bowling point
10 June 2017 Egerton Friendly Away Won by 82 runs
11 June 2017 Chestfield League Away Lost by 133 runs – 0 points
14 June 2017 Pluckley 20/20 friendly Away Lost by 58 runs
17June 2017 Gravesend 5ths Friendly Home Lost by 26 runs
18 June 2017 Woodcombe League Away Win by 4 wickets
21 June 2017 Pluckley 20/20 Friendly Home Lost by 83 runs
24 June 2017 Selling Friendly Home Lost by a lot
25 June 2017 LIttlebourne 2nds League Home Lost by 100+ but 1 bowling point
1 July 2017 Selling Friendly Away Lost by 6 wickets
2 July 2017 Charing Friendly Away Lost by 51 runs
9 July 2017 St Nicholas and Sarre League Away Won by 5 wickets
15 July 2017 Stone in Oxney Friendly Home Won by 44 runs
16 July 2017 Bilsington League Away Won by 108 runs
22 July 2017 Eastling Friendly Away Won by 172 runs
23 July 2017 Stockbury League Home Win by 1 wicket
6 August 2017 Harbledown League Away Lost by 9 wickets
13 August 2017 Hythe Green League Away Lost by 65 runs – batting point!
19 August 2017 Borden Friendly Home Win by 91
20 August 2017 Rolvenden League Home Won by 4 wickets
26 August 2017 Bethersden Friendly Home Win by 5 wickets
3 September 2017 Holborough Anchorians League Away Won by 92 runs – 6 points
16 September 2017 Tenterden 2nds Friendly Away Draw
17 September 2017 WHitstable Labour Club Friendly Home Lost by 4 wickets
23 September 2017 Bilsington Friendly Home Lost by 3 wickets
24 September 2017 Bredgar Friendly Away Lost by 5 wickets

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Buy modafinil over the counter - Buy modafinil in store

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