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The finalists of the Seven a Side Competition

The morning dawned bright and sunny for the 7 a side competition at Little Chart Forstal on 25th August. Despite panics about accessing funds with the Treasurer swanning about in Croatian waters, the barbecue duly arrived, together with copious supplies of food and drink.

Three teams from Little Chart and one from Bethersden assembled to compete for a trophy named in memory of Peter Willetts, who recently passed away. Each team competed against each, with scores gradually increasing until 142 was posted in 12 overs. Pausing only for burgers and hot dogs, the day continued with 9 hours almost continuous play. A horrific collision between Lewis and Hayden led to Lewis being carted off to hospital (thankfully bad bruising only) and Hayden being sidelined, but cheerful. We hope both will recover quickly.

In rapidly failing light the Little Chart 2nd VII played the final against Bethersden. The game was tight, uncertain until the last over, when Bethersden won with 4 balls to spare. A good day was had by all, as they say, and about £48 was raised towards a memorial for Peter.

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