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We were fortunate enough to be the first team to play Smarden following the handover of their very smart new pavilion. Smarden batted first, and were contained well with Dave Edwards taking three wickets – the last two in the final two balls, so he starts his next game on a hat trick. Most catches were held, the most notable being a low dive from the venerable Tom, and a nonchalant catch by Becca Edwards. Smarden were all out for 96.

Little Chart got off to a shakey start with the bat, thanks to some accurate and hostile bowling from Smarden. Wickets tumbled, and at one time a record low score was on the cards. However, Adam Stuttle came to rescue with some lusty sixes, and the skipper gradually accelerated his scoring to bring us home for the loss of six wickets.

The game was played in an excellent spirit, and traditional retirement to the Flying Horse followed. Village Cricket Lives!

Modafinil purchase usa, Buy provigil in canada