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Spirits running high after this weekend’s games. we welcomed old friends Borden CC to the Forstal on Saturday. The ground played well thanks to Tom’s efforts, and Borden posted 114 for 5 before tea intervened. This proved to be not quite enough, as Matt Hall and Dave Edwards produced a solid partnership to win the game for the loss of 3 wickets.

Sunday saw a must win game at Lower Halstow against Bobbing Court and Lower Halstow. At 20 overs it looked as if it would be a low scoring game for the home team, but they accelerated in the second half to end on 140. Little Chart just missed out on a bowling point as the last pair hung on to the end. Chart replied strongly through the Eccles brothers and Harrison Pack, and it was left to Adam Stuttle to win the game with a pull for 4. 2 in 2 – well done!

Buy modafinil in london, Buy modafinil uk online