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Starting 10.00 a.m. we will be repeating our successful event from 2 years ago. We have invited two clubs to join us for a 20/20 tournament, there will be Kwik Cricket for youngsters, batting and bowling competition for new-comers, a barbecue and traditional cricket tea. Girls and boy
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Friday 22nd January – QUIZ  can we meet at Hothfield Village Hall for 7pm for a 7.30pm start please? Food this year will be Chilli and costs will be £10 pp Teams of 6 this year Please can you contact Trevor Richards for your table requirements on : trevor_richards@btconnect.com 
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Trying to piece together sides for Saturday and Sunday this week looked impossible: by Wednesday we had only three names for Saturday, and it was agreed that without further contacts by 7 p.m. we would have to call off the Benenden game – with the added complication that this wo
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Friday 27th March saw an unusually late gathering at Hothfield Village Hall – Little Chart Cricket Club’s quiz, normally held at the end of January lifted off later than usual. The 10 teams attending enjoyed a difficult time answering some fiendish questions, and the winne
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Craig Taylor has undertaken a charity venture for 2015 – he is asking people to sponsor him for every run he scores, and he will also donate £1 for every Duck he gets – all in Aid of Breast Cancer Research. He reckons he seldom scores more than 100 in a season! Please cons
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