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Nets start on Thursday 12th March at 7.30 p.m. at the John Wallis Academy Millbank Road, Ashford TN23 3HG.
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Don’t forget – nets start 19th January, every week until the games start. BE THERE!
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Nets will be held at the John Wallis Academy as per previous years times 7pm to 8.30pm starting Thursday January 28th. Please can we get as many people there as possible? Craig will send reminders closer to time and if there are any new members who would like to attend please pass the
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cheap modafinil australia

Indoor nets will be held on Thursday evenings this year, the first being on January 30th. All start at 7pm, and they are fortnightly though January and February, then weekly, the last being on April 17th. A good turnout is very welcome – it gets quite exhausting bowling if there
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