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90 people joined us for our annual Quiz Evening, with questions set and introduced by Terry and Heather Lister. Everyone scored well, and the winning team Messrs Schmidt were closely followed by Achtung Spitfire and Rebellious Crew. The raffle was stunningly well supported, and good f
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buy modafinil online india

Starting 10.00 a.m. we will be repeating our successful event from 2 years ago. We have invited two clubs to join us for a 20/20 tournament, there will be Kwik Cricket for youngsters, batting and bowling competition for new-comers, a barbecue and traditional cricket tea. Girls and boy
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cheap modafinil australia

On 13th September there will be the final match of the season between an invited President’s XI and the Chairman’s XI. All Vice Presidents, Life Members and Club Members and Friends are invited. Start is at 1.30p.m., tea being provided by the President and his lady wife. T
buy modafinil uk amazon

buy modafinil online amazon

Only six days to go! Also a reminder that donations of prizes for the raffle would be very welcome…
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