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Little Chart took on the country lanes to find its way to Belmont House, whose private ground is hired out. The home of the late Lord Harris, 4th Baron, famous cricketer, Kent Captain and England Test player and influential member of MCC was busy with a film crew and all its caravans
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Little Chart made the short journey to to old friends Egerton on this glorious Saturday afternoon. While a Spitfire wheeled overhead and the sun shone out of a blue sky, Little Chart were inserted to bat. And what a perfect batting wicket it was: Little Chart posting 193 against a mai
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Baggsy arranged this traditional match again, pitting his invitation Little Chart eleven against the touring side from Mid Sussex. Put in to bat (who lost the toss?) the tourists set 124 for 5 in 30 overs. Little Chart looked to be cruising at 64 for none when the opening batsman had
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buy cheap modafinil australia

Trying to piece together sides for Saturday and Sunday this week looked impossible: by Wednesday we had only three names for Saturday, and it was agreed that without further contacts by 7 p.m. we would have to call off the Benenden game – with the added complication that this wo
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