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This year’s tour starts on Friday 21st June with a 20/20 match against Edwardstone starting at 1830. For those worried that this is too late – remember, it is the longest day and sunset is at 2150! For those of us more hard of seeing, we will be using a white ball. There will food afterwards at the Fox and Hounds.

The tour party should assemble at the tour hotel early afternoon, or proceed direct to the ground – hotel details are:

The Best Western Marks Tey Hotel, London Road, Colchester, Essex CO6 1DU

Tel: 01206 214808

On Saturday we play Wickham St Pauls, but prior to this we have arranged a large screen TV at the Victory Pub, next to the ground to watch the Lions vs Australia, followed by lunch. There will be a barbecue on the ground after the match, retiring to the Victory to finish the day. The Hon Sec has managed to arrange minibuses!

On Sunday we play Twinstead, close to Wickham St Pauls starting at 1400.

Good luck to all tourers, but above all HAVE FUN!

Buy genuine modafinil, Buy modafinil new york