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The Swan Inn at Little Chart re-opened on January 19th after its somewhat infamous closure. The new team of Roy, Brian and Mick the chef have refurbished the interior to be brighter and cleaner, and since opening day log fires have burnt merrily in the grates.

buy modafinil canada reddit

A new menu, which changes regularly, offers eight different choices, all home made, and including a vegetarian choice. Mick is open to suggestions if something else is required.

Children are welcome – if well behaved, but that goes for adults too!

A variety of bitters and lagers is available – current bitters being Red Top, Doombar and Old Specked Hen.

buy modafinil online india

The Swan is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, and offers food from 12-2 and from 6-9 Tuesday to Saturday, with Sunday roasts from 12-4.

Telephone number 01233 840011.


We have eaten there, and thoroughly enjoyed!



Order modafinil online reddit, Modafinil online sun pharma