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It’s cricket, Jim. But not as we know it.

Covid cricket arrived at The Forstal mid-July much to the delight of members and no doubt their significant others, fed up of them sulking around the house all weekend in full kit and shadow batting in the mirror.

Before any cricket could take place there was some significant work undertaken by the Committee in risk assessing the possibility of playing and preparing the ground. Thanks go to all those who assisted, especially our President and Secretary for producing risk assessments and signage in a bid to keep us all safe.

As for the cricket itself, the most notable difference is the lack of teas. Each player must bring their own refreshments for the day with some interesting interpretations! Players remain seated outside of the pavillion and must arrive “match ready”. Sanitisation breaks take place every 6 overs, with players asked to clean their hands and the ball. I for one won’t miss the smell of aloe vera over the winter months.

The season started fittingly with a visit from our good friends Whitstable Labour Club and a victory for Little Chart. Nine games have been attempted in total, Little Chart have won five and lost three with one fixture against Eastling abandoned after some torrential rain. Notable performances include 50+ runs for Adam Stuttle (v Whitstable Labour), Craig Taylor, Graham Foote (both v Bethersden) and Chris Eccles (v Bromley Town).

Weather permitting there’s still plenty of cricket left to come with fixtures planned against Stowting, Eastling, New Romney, Whitstable Labour Club, Bredgar and Great Chart.

Little Chart Cricket Club offer our thoughts to all those affected by the pandemic. We hope you stay safe, well and happy and look forward to seeing you all in 2021.

Thom, Fixture Secretary.

Order modafinil europe, Buy modafinil duckdose