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Received by email today:

Dear Mr. Taylor

I am currently working on Volume IV of From Commons To Lord’s. A Chronology of Cricket 1700-1799.

I thought you might be interested to see a reference (below) to cricket at Little Chart in 1790, which comes from the Kentish Gazette of May 21st. An ‘ordinary’ is a lunch, usually cold. .
Best wishes

Dr. Ian Maun

Hon. Research Fellow

University of Exeter

Exeter EX1 2LU

Cricketing. A Match of Cricket to be played at Little Chart, on Wednesday the 26th of May, between the gentlemen of Allington Club and the gentlemen of Little Chart, for One Guinea per Man. The Wickets to be pitched at Ten o’Clock. A good Ordinary on the Ground by Thos. Keeler. – KG May 21.

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